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MyZen TV expands in Portugal with the launch of 4K version on Nos

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

THEMAa CANAL+ Group Company, is glad to announce the launch of MyZen TV 4K on NOS operator – one of the biggest telecommunications and entertainment group in Portugal. Starting from January 31st, the channel is available in the basic package on UMA set-top-boxes at NOS, on position 128.

MyZen TV HD has been available in Portugal via NOS for a several years; now, the operator's offer has been enriched with the launch of the 4K version of the channel. NOS subscribers can become healthier, learn more, and even change their lifestyles by watching MyZen TV programs in both HD and 4K.

MyZen TV 4K is a worldwide lifestyle TV-channel offering general entertainment shows from practical lifestyle tips to inspiring documentaries, trendy magazines and real stories. MyZen TV 4K offers premium lifestyle content with native 4K productions from the most beautiful places across the world.

“The well-being is growing worldwide phenomenon and we are happy to bring our uplifting, entertaining and positive content in native 4K to NOS. MyZen TV 4K will complete our already existing offer in HD and bring a truly immersive experience to our subscribers.” Said Nela PAVLOUSKOVA, Managing Director of MyZen TV channel.

“We are delighted to extend our collaboration with NOS by adding the 4K feed of MYZEN. Now NOS subscribers can appreciate MYZEN in both HD and 4K.” added  Séverine GARUSSO, Head of Distribution EMEA of THEMA. 

About MyZen TV:
Worldwide lifestyle network offering general entertaining shows from practical lifestyle tips to inspiring documentaries, trendy magazines and real stories. MyZen TV is showcasing a range of programming alternatives including well-being, light sports, health, beauty, cooking, home, garden, ecology, travel, and life changes. Created in 2008, the channel is distributed in over 82 countries across all continents and offers premium lifestyle content with programs produced in various breath-taking locations across the world.
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About THEMA, a CANAL+ Group Company:
THEMA, a CANAL+ Group Company is a distributor of pay TV channels, fast TV channels, nonlinear content to cable, IPTV, DTH, operators and also for mobile packages and OTT. THEMA now includes 4 subsidiaries overseas. The company represents 180 channels as well as SVOD/VOD/OTT covering a wide range of thematic and has created strong relationships with the main television platforms in Europe, in Asian in the Middle East, in Africa and in North America, thanks to its expertise in TV content distribution, TV packaging and marketing strategy.
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