THEMA (a CANAL+ Group Company) signs a strategic partnership with NINETNINE to boost their Arabic TV package in Europe


THEMA and NINETNINE have entered into a content deal to secure the international rights of premium Arabic channels and develop a new marketing approach, while re-branding their Arabic TV pack to Le Bouquet Maghreb.

Le Bouquet Maghreb is a Pay TV offer that has rapidly taken market share in France to become the biggest legal Arabic TV offer in Europe, distributed over Cable/IPTV/OTT platforms. It is composed of 17 Live channels including Nessma TV, Samira TV, Attessia, Echourouk TV, Rotana channels, Baraem… starting at 4.99 Euros per month. Le Bouquet Maghreb targets primarily the North African community but also the wider Arab diaspora and communicates with subscribers in a brand-new style.

At this occasion both partners confirm the joining of 2M Monde, one of the best Moroccan channels, to strengthen Le Bouquet Maghreb in France.

Fabrice Faux, CEO of THEMA said "As the leader of ethnic distribution in France, THEMA is very pleased by the partnership with NINETNINE. Their expertise in MENA content is paramount in the success of Le Bouquet Maghreb and perfectly complemented THEMA know-how in ethnic marketing. Replicating our success of Le Bouquet Africain, we have seen great take rate and ARPU increase in a short-time that satisfies our clients and partners. Together with NINETNINE, THEMA will now extend distribution of the package in other European countries where the diaspora from MENA could benefit from this fantastic content."

Samir Zehani, Co-founder of NINETNINE "’thanks THEMA for their trust and is delighted to open a new market for the broadcasters that we represent. We believe in a new content distribution era based on transparency, 360° collaboration and quick wins. We do not just distribute content, we help THEMA deliver the right message to the right audience with the most effective call to action to transform a prospect into a loyal subscriber to Le Bouquet Maghreb. As we continue to streamline the content value-chain, our content beats the odds on a transforming Pay TV market."

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