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Stingray is a premium provider of curated direct-to-consumer and B2B services, including audio television channels, over 100 radio stations, SVOD content, 4K UHD television channels, karaoke products, digital signage, in-store music, and music apps.


Stingray iConcerts

100% live music.
Stingray iConcerts is the essential source for the best live concerts on TV by today's biggest stars and yesterday's music legends.

Stingray C Music

The classical and cinematic music video channel.
Stingray CMusic is a specialty television channel dedicated to classical and cinematic music videos—a revolutionary combination in the world of music television.

Stingray DJAZZ

Living the world of jazz.
Stingray DJAZZ is the only television channel dedicated to all jazz and jazz-related genres. Experience the world's major jazz festivals, famous clubs, and intimate concerts.

Stingray Classica

Your classical music journey starts here.
Stingray Classica is the world's premium classical music TV destination dedicated to classical music, opera, and ballet.


Stingray Hits 4K

The next music video revolution.
Stingray Hits 4K brings home the next music video revolution with a non-stop, curated programming of breathtaking 4K UHD videos.

Stingray Ambiance 4K

Immerse yourself in the healing beauty of nature.
Stingray Ambiance 4K is a unique channel that combines beautiful, peaceful scenery filmed in 4K UHD, and sountracks tailor-made to accompany every moment of your day.

Stingray Festival 4K

Television beyond imagination.
Stingray Festival 4K will take you on a breathtaking television journey filmed in spectacular 4K Ultra HD. You will be blown away by massive concerts by top stadium fillers, must-see theatre productions, colorful circuses, electrifying DJ sets, beautiful ballet and opera performances - and everything in between!


Stingray Music

Life's on you. Music's on us.
A multiplatform digital music service that brings to listeners the best music for every moment, place and mood; available on TV, mobile and the web!
Over 2 400 linear audio channels in 100s of music genres. Programmed by over 150 music experts from around the globe. Latest releases, chart-topping local, and international artists.

Stingray Qello SVOD Catalogue

All the music worth watching.
Stingray Qello transforms any screen into a live concert video experience. Discover the world’s largest catalog of concert films, award-winning music documentaries, and live streaming music events from the 1920s to today.

Stingray Karaoke

Sing karaoke today!
With the world's largest library of licensed, re-recorded hits, Stingray Karaoke delivers the fun of singing to millions of karaoke fans worldwide.

  • More than 13 000 karaoke videos, with songs added weekly.
  • Song library includes today's hits and yesterday's classics in all genres and in multiple languages.
  • Every song is presented with high-quality scrolling lyrics displayed on video backgrounds and optional lead vocal tracks.
  • Available as a VOD service, OTT service, mobile app, and an interactive TV App*


Stingray Loud

Turn it up loud. Real loud.
Stingray Loud gives your speakers a workout with rock, metal, punk, and alternative that is a brash, hard and raw.

Stingray Vibe

Feel it. Move it. Amp it. Own it.
Stingray Vibe is your source of hip-hop, R&B, and rhythmic pop with a dose of EDM to amp it up or keep things cool.

Stingray Juicebox

Your daily recommended serving of awesome!
Stingray Juicebox is the most awesome music video hangout on TV for kids, tweens, and teens. Kid tested, parent approved.

Stingray Retro

Great music never goes out of style.
With Stingray Retro, rewind to the '80s, '90s and '00s when music shaped the lives and fashions of generations.