Le Bouquet Maghreb

Even more East in your screen

The channels :

  • Samira TV :Samira TV is the main food-oriented TV Channel in North-Africa. It highlights the gastronomy of the arab-muslim world, but also broadcasts shows which focuses on the discovery of gastronomy from the whole world.
  • Echorouk TV : Echorouk TV is an Algerian channel of general interest with remarkable audience shares in the Arab countries.
  • Echorouk News : Echorouk News is a 24/7 Algerian news channel.
  • Echorouk + : Echorouk+ is the latest channel of Echorouk Group. It mostly targets women with a programmation focused on talk shows, series, and food-oriented programs.
  • Nessma TV : Nessma TV is a major Tunisian channel of general interest. Its programs grid is mostly composed of talk shows and Turkish series.
  • El Djazairia One : El Djazairia One is an Algerian TV channel of general interest.
  • Gulli Bil Arabi : Broadcast in Arabic language, the channel will help its viewers open their eyes, learn, grow and share, from their local community to the whole world.
  • Baraem : Baraem is a pre-school Arabic television channel. The channel caters for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old, presenting programs specifically tailored for this age-group.
  • Jeem TV : Jeem TV, formerly known as Al Jazeera Children's Channel, is a pan-Arab channel, for children between 7 and 12 years old.
  • Al Resalah : Al-Resalah is an Arabic television channel, whose purpose is to present « true Islam ».
  • Rotana Musica : Rotana Musica is a TV channel which is part of the Rotana Group network. It was launched in 2003. It showcases the latest exclusive Khaliji, Egyptian and Arabic songs.
  • Rotana Clip : Rotana Clip is a TV channel which broadcasts all of the top hits of the moment in the Arabic world.
  • Rotana Cinema : Rotana Cinema is dedicated to the broadcast of both old and contemporary films in Arabic.
  • Rotana Aflam : Rotana Aflam is specialized in the broadcast of the newest films from Middle East and North African countries.
  • Rotana Drama : The channel Rotana Drama mostly broadcasts series which are produced in the Arabic world.
  • Rotana Classic : Rotana Classic is a channel of general interest, which also proposes Arabic movies, series and music.
  • Attasia TV : Attasia TV is a Tunisian channel of general interest.